Code should evolve with tests and CI is vital part of it specially multiple developers working in same code base.

As in the first part I mentioned to use one repo for each project, we can use execute tests in ci for every commit and generate artifacts which are cookbook and environment.

Recent version of chef spec is really good for unit tests and test kitchen is for running integration tests in isolated environment.

Community ntp cookbook is great starting point for writing tested cookbooks

pipeline for an application cookbook is as follow

in short testing part is covered by:

  • unit tests with chef spec
  • rubocop , foodcritics for lint
  • integartion tests with test kitchen and bats

so each commit in application cookbook trigger bulid pipeline and execute stages in order.

we have inregarated docker in ci serevr and using test kitchen with docker plugin for running integtarion tests.

vagrant lxc , intgratio tests test kitchen , spec chef zero

using application cook book for each project

final outcome: artifacts cookbook , environment

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